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50s Vintage Net Petticoat - How Full Will You Go?

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Having just completed our biggest photo-shoot ever we have attempted to give examples to our most commonly asked questions and to show examples of our Petticoats under Dresses

Our 1950s Tiered Net Petticoat is now available with up to 8 Layers, all the same Colour or 8 Different Colours - Create a Rainbow if your heart desires

Plain edged (untrimmed) or Satin Edged in any of our 28 Colours

Example above - 2 Layer Black Net Petticoat Satin Trimmed under Pin-Up Style Black Party Dress

We have created a 50s Petticoat Fullness Chart as we often get asked - How Many Layers do I need on my Petticoat?

This is not an exact science as it does depend upon the amount of fabric in your dress and the weight of the fabric but if you need more fullness adding afterwards just ask us

We Hand Craft all our Petticoat Underskirts and can add extra volume on afterwards



Above our 6 Layered Candy Pink and Turquoise Multi Coloured Petticoat

All layers Satin Trimmed shown under a Vintage Style Floral Dress

This dress was slightly shorter on our Model so we created a Petticoat 2 inches longer to extend the skirt whilst

opting for colours within the dress to bring the 2 together

Made to Order at a truly affordable price Petite to Plus Size - Any Size





We think this is rather quirky - Wedding Dresses and Wellies

Great Idea for the Good Old British Weather

Who knows what the weather will bring - be prepared!

Wellies sound a little odd with a Wedding Dress but work in a strange kind of way

Here we opted for a Black and Red Petticoat with Satin Trim Edging


So our new collection now available

50s Petticoats Plain Edged, 50s Satin Edged, 50s with Lace Edging

Our Luxury 1950s Skirt and the Multi Coloured Petticoat

Our model has a dainty 24" waist and all our Petticoats must go to make way for

our Next Collection  - If you have any interest in our latest products in the above size

they are all available at half price - please contact us



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