Size Guide To Petticoats & Tutus

Waist Measurement                   Hip Measurement
Plain Petticoats
These are designed to be worn sat on the waist and we make the waist approximately ½ inch smaller than the figure you provide as the skirts look better when stretched slightly. As you will appreciate quite a large amount of net (stiff net) is all gathered into the waist so these style skirts are not designed to fit under close fitting garments. They do however look fantastic under skirts/dresses which are cinched/belted in at the waist as they then stand out and give real volume to your outfit. Please bear in mind that the longer the skirt the less it will stand out due to the weight of the net. If you require a very long skirt to stand out or simply need more layers the best option is our Rockabilly Tiered Petticoats as these can be made with as many layers as required.
 1950s-Tiered-Net-Petticoat-Pastel Layers
Rockabilly Tiered Petticoats
These are designed to fit much closer around the hips and waist and will then graduate out in fullness towards the bottom. The waist is elasticated and is made approximately ½" smaller that the figure you provide as the skirts look better when stretched slightly. Each tier is approximately twice the measurement of the one above. As the Petticoat is tiered this style works well under Bridal/Bridesmaid and 50's dresses. This style also gives a lovely swishy effect. Available with 1-8 layers of net, the more layers the more fullness.
 childrens fairy tutu skirt
 Most people will choose to wear their tutu somewhere between their waist and hips. We ask that you provide us with your waist measurement. The tutu will then stretch a little further which will allow you to position it to give the correct fit. If you have an unusual hip to waist ratio/measurement please allow for this when measuring. The tutu's look better when stretched a little which is why we don't ask for your hip measurement but if you would like your tutu making to your exact hip measurement, please feel free to use this figure instead.
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Should I have a plain or tiered Petticoat?
Please see info above which should help you decide.
2.  Tiered Petticoats - How many layers should I have?
Please see our example below which shows between 2 and 8 layers under an average weight dress.
Please bear in mind the weight of the dress/skirt as this has a big impact on the amount of net layers required for fullness.
3.  I have ordered a 2 Layered Petticoat but now realise I need more fullness what should I do?
Let us know, then return advising us how many extra layers you want (obviously there will be an additional charge for this)

4.  Your size chart for a size 10 is a 26" waist but I am not a 26" waist what do you advise?
Our chart is merely a general guide and we would much rather you actually measure your waist with a tape measure.
When you select your size to order you will give us your size in inches so please select the actual size you are.
Petticoat Fullness Layers

HTML Tables
Dress Size Waist Size
2 18”
4 20”
6 22”
8 24”
10 26”
12 28”
14 30”
16 32”
18 34”
20 36”
22 38”
24 40”
26 42”
28 44”
30 46”
32 48”
34 50”
36 52”
38 54”
40 56”
42 58”
44 60”

Please Note:  This Is Just For General Guidance