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  1. Retro Vintage Petticoat

    A very exciting year lies ahead for the Dream Petticoats team, we have a photoshoot planned for May of this year. Our theme is to be 50s, weddings and gothic. New designs currently in production based on customer feedback and requests over the last few years.

    We are currently looking for several models for the 10th May (Leeds Area).  Anyone interested, please email details to:    [email protected]

    (Design Coordinator)

  2. First of all...  Happy New Year to all our customers, colleagues and friends!

    We are starting the year off with some important tweeks to the Dream Petticoats website. It's taken a little time and alot of background work but I am pleased to announce that our website has a full SSL encryption certificate now and is fully responsive.

    The SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption provides a secure connection between internet browsers and websites, hence allowing to transmit private data online. You will normally see a padlock symbol in the url or a green bar accross the top of the page if a website has secure pages. You can now shop securely and with peace of mind knowing that the Dream Petticoats website is SSL encrypted on every single page.

    A great deal of work has been done regards design and content very recently to make our website fully responsive. This means that you can enjoy a great browsing experience whatever device you are using whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile.. our website will adapt to the best layout possible.

    Here's to a great 2016 !

    All the very best,

    (Web Developer - Dream Petticoats)

  3. We already had a huge choice of net colours but after monitoring customer requests over the last few months we have also added the following to our range :-





    All are available with matching trims and linings or a contrasting one whichever you choose.

    Also due to popular demand we have added the option to choose the length of your Petticoat to the exact inch, before these were in increments of 2" but all petticoats are now available in increments of 1" for example 25", 26", 27" plus many more. If the length you want isn't there as its longer or shorter than the one's advertised for that petticoat please contact us, all our petticoats are made by us from scratch so unless we are restricted by style we can normally accomodate customer special requests. We can also do each layer of net a different colour we just can't put that many options on site but if you want your petticoat making up like this please ask, we love working on unique alternative colour options.

    Just for reference here is our full list of colours now on site :-

    Samples Of Dress Net Colours

  4. We've just spent some time updating the Dream Petticoats website and have added new product options for the satin/ribbon edge trim. Previously you could have a satin trim to match the colour of your petticoat but due to popular demand, we have now introduced a whole range of colours to choose from. Infact, there are 25 colours to choose from altogether so you could have a white pettiocat with blue satin trim, a red petticoat with black satin trim, whatever you want!  This has opened up a whole lot of new options to customise your petticoat exactly as you want it and to help colour contrast match your outfit. As always with Dream Petticoats, if you can't see the colour combination on our website or you require something a little more exclusive, just contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  5. We will soon be approaching the wedding season again. As we know most Brides like to be well prepared for their big day in advance. Just thought we would share with you some of the most common questions we get asked. As all our petticoats are handmade by ourselves, we can make them to your specific requirements, regards colour options, the amount of layers and trim etc.

    • How many layers do you recommend?

    Please take a look at our bridesmaid wedding petticoat page here alternatively if you are still undecided, order your best guesstimate. If the petticoat is not full enough, feel free to return for extra layers adding. If the petticoat is too full, you can simply cut a layer away. Net doesn't fray so don't worry.


    • Do I need the anti-static lining?

    The anti-static lining is attached to the petticoat behind the net. This acts as a protective layer for the legs. If you intend wearing tights/stockings etc we recommend this option to prevent snagging.


    • Do I need a trim?

    This option is purely down to personal preference. If the petticoat is intended to be hidden under the dress/skirt there is no reason to have the petticoat trimmed. If your petticoat is to be on show below the hem of the dress/skirt think about the overall effect you want to achieve. It does look very effective especially on the rockabilly petticoats, any colour combination you want. Matching trim for a subtle effect or a vivid contrast of colour to give that wow factor as seen here :-

    Turquoise Net Petticoat Flo Neon Yellow Satin Trim


    • You offer a next day delivery service, if I choose a petticoat, can you send it out today?

    We always try our best to accomodate urgent orders however please bear in mind we don't stock any petticoats they are all made to customer specification. If you are wanting one of our simple petticoats we are normally able to despatch same day depending upon current workload. However some of our petticoats particularly the multi layered one's are a little more intricate and do require a little more time to make up.


    It is always nice when people are well prepared in placing their petticoat order early. We are however always willing to help customers when ever possible. We once had a desperate customer that had been let down by another company. She called on Thursday asking if it would be at all possible for a full length wedding petticoat to be made to measure. We rallied round, got the petticoat made up, despatched it Friday and the Bride had her custom petticoat for her big day on Saturday :)





  6. Welcome to the Dream Petticoats Blog. It's brand new and about time we had one too!
    Here's what we do...  We make petticoats in our workshop in Leeds, Yorkshire.
    We try to be different by offering our customers more individual size options instead of 'off the peg' small, medium, large etc
    You can buy our petticoats in sizes to the 'inch' which means you can get exactly the size you want, in other words... made to measure.
    Of course, we also offer a wide variety of styles which are all customisable to the individuals taste.
    If you can't see what you want in our on-line shop, drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

    Petticoats and Underskirts